Wednesday, March 5, 2014

PCB-Pool pricing

It looks like the delta between OSH Park and PCB-Pool is less than I originally thought.  I noticed that if I select any file format on PCB-Pool's website other than GERBER the price drops another $25.63.  This makes bityExpress-C cost $48.33 more at PCB-Pool rather than $73.96.

I updated my comparison chart to show the reduced PCB-Pool pricing.  If the number of PCBs doesn't matter, this means that at 10 square inches PCB-Pool clearly wins.  Below 10 square inches my selection of prototyping vendor will depend on if the design is complex enough to require full electrical testing.

VendorClearanceDrillLayerFinishSilkE Testing
OSH Park5104ENIGTop/bottomNo
PCB Specs used in the comparison

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