Sunday, November 30, 2014

PCIe enumeration

Today was a day for good news and even better news. I passed the Titan PCBs to Kevin to review our options to get the board up and running, and I focused on the firmware any why the PCIe interface didn't enumerate on the Titan prototype.

Since the titan_wiggle project was a fork from ecp5dev_wiggle, I decided to validate that the Lattice ECP5 PCI Express Card enumerated properly on my test PC; It did not enumerate. I know that ecp5dev_wiggle enumerated in the past, but now I'm wondering if I failed to check PCIe enumeration at every step during development. The last two significant changes were the Diamond update from 3.2 to 3.3 and the pairing down of the project I did before I posted it to Github.

I followed IPUG112_01.2 closely and rebuilt the PCIe core in the Lattice Clarity tool in Diamond 3.3 and the PCIe interface still did not enumerate on the ECP5 dev card. I then rebuilt the project in Diamond 3.2 and the board enumerated properly. That explains why Titan didn't enumerate since it was running a direct fork of ecp5dev_wiggle in Diamond 3.3. I'm going to contact Lattice and see what might be wrong with my 3.3 project, but for now I can test Titan in Diamond 3.2 as soon as we have another working Titan.

On the PCB front, Kevin has been working working on an idea that we have to repair our Titan prototype. When I was last inspecting our rev A prototype the ECP5 popped of the board. Popping off wasn't that surprising since the rev A's pads were so small that we had virtually no ball collapse. Kevin's review of the part showed that we should be able to use it to replace the (possibly) damaged ECP5 on our rev B board. His next step is to isolate the LDOs on shorted rails from the ECP5 to determine if the failure is in the ECP5, the LDOs, or both.

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