Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another day, another stencil

I decided to try my hand at two-sided reflow before I run the BGA on bityExpress.  The board that I designed is a simple LED board that I can use to verify if all of the pins on the bityExpress expansion connector are connected to the FPGA correctly.

When I ordered the stencil I found OSH Stencils (no connection to OSH Park).  They make polyimide (Kapton) stencils like OHARARP, but they will build smaller stencils down to a minimum order of $5.  They also sell adjustable stencil frames for $5.  Based on what I see I'm sold.  Now I don't have to try to combine stencil orders to make them affordable.

Stencil and frame from OSH Stencil

Paste applied

Parts placed

Ready to reflow

Reflow complete

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