Sunday, January 19, 2014

The big one

I built the top side of my bityExpress-B board last night.  I had to stack some PCBs under my stencil frames to account for the components that I loaded previously on the back side of the board.  The paste worked well everywhere except U4 (the on-board programmer's CPLD).  Since I can bypass the programmer I went ahead and loaded the components and baked it.

All of the solder joints looked good except... you guessed it... U4.  It had at least 3 shorts.  I cleared those and tested.  So far the power supplies all work and I can program the CPLD and the FTDI FT245R.  I stopped when the on-board programmer failed to recognize the FPGA.  I'm betting that is related to solder issues on U4.  I'll try a bit longer to resolve U4's issues and if I fail I'll just bypass it and use an external programmer to check the FPGA.

Ready for paste
Paste looks good (except for U4)

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